Suzy Shelor | She/Her/Hers

Image of Suzy Shelor, Co-founder and Host of QiRadio.

What does the word Queer mean to you?

Inclusivity. Intersectional. Family. Respect. A force with which to be reckoned.

Do you consider yourself an activist? Why or why not?

Yes. I co-produced the Inauguration protest, which drew a crowd of about 1k. I produced the Texas Equality March For Unity & Pride, in tandem with worldwide Equality Marches, drawing 1500-1700. I am an active voice, promoting our community as a host on KOOP’s People United (a civil rights program), and accomplice at Rag Radio (political talk-radio). I also started the first NORML chapter in Asheville, NC.

When or how did you first become involved with activism?

When I started the Asheville chapter of NORML, in 2013 - and then the Hell Mouth opened, and now, I have become activism.

Share your favorite story of Activism.

The defeat of the “bathroom bill,” and Lt. Dan’s odd (and ironic) fascination with where adults relieve themselves. The “party of less government” wanted to card us on our way to pee. The most amazing thing happened - the Queers had descended on the Texas Capitol, and we were heard. No matter where I was when I looked around, I saw Queers everywhere, united. United. It’s amazing what we can do when we are UNITED.

Who is one friend you look up to and why? How did you meet?

Ray Hill was introduced to me when I began putting speakers together for TEMUP. I fell in love with this OG Queer activist. He was always ready to help in any way he could. The advice, support, love, and dedication he gave and modeled changed my life significantly. I miss him terribly.

What recharges you?

My dog and Laverne & Shirley reruns