Screamish | She/Her/Hers


What does the word Queer mean to you?

Queer means community, freedom, acceptance. It means authenticity and truth. Queer is who we are. Normal is who we're told to be.

Do you consider yourself an activist? Why or why not?

In some ways, yes, but not like the activists who I admire, or my friends who I know that take real risks. I am working to become an activist in my life, but I have not yet earned that title. I do consider myself activated.

What is one dream you have for the future?

I dream of a time when we don't need to define ourselves with labels that only hurt and divide us. I think it would be beautiful if we had connectedness that was built on our shared humanity, instead of in spite of it.

What was your scariest experience when trying to make a difference? How did you overcome your fears?

My biggest fears have been related to my family and expressing unshared values. It has taken me some time, but I have learned some things about this for myself:  1. It's not my responsibility to protect people from their own emotions.  2. Sometimes, speaking truth is painful, so as much as possible, speak it with love - this includes self-love.

What do you say to people who say they want to make a difference but they don't know what to do?

Do one small thing. When you are done with that do another. Keep at it. Do more.

What recharges you?

Nature, Music, Laughter, Cooking, Hugs, Dogs


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