Hello Awesome People

Let's Invade

As Austin's only queer-media collective, we know that our power isn’t held just in our diversity. It’s also in our unity. Keep reading to learn more about how Queer Invasion Radio intends to change the world.

Why It All Matters


QiR’s vision is to unify the many distinct voices within the Queer community to collectively change the course of public dialogue and create understanding, acceptance, and inclusion for intersectionality. 


QiR’s mission is to elevate and support the Queer community through an inclusive and collaborative platform. We will accomplish this in several ways: 

  • Inspire others by celebrating and sharing people’s stories within the Queer community
  • Provide a platform to deliver Queer-relevant content including news, lifestyle, and politics
  • Educate, inform, and foster a supportive, engaged community for Queer people
  • Support Queer-owned/friendly businesses and organizations
  • Help to identify access to additional pertinent resources and information 

QiR Story

QiRadio began as many things do, with a unique opportunity and purposeful passion. Its formation was driven by one courageous and fearless activist who used her innate talent of drawing people into action. And the core QiR team was established. A diverse and creative group of people who are working together towards a common goal and a unified vision. We’re just beginning this journey and we believe in where we’re going. 

Join us and be a part of the story. It's why we're here.

Neon rainbow sign with "Love" graffiti and purple hued lighting. Photo credit: Jason Leung
Neon rainbow sign with "Love" graffiti and purple hued lighting. Photo credit: Jason Leung